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Groundwater Sampling 

Clear Stone Geo is experienced and capable in performing several methods of groundwater and surface water sampling. Clear Stone Geo will deliver a comprehensive report with analytical results and write up of the conditions on site.

Soil Sampling

Clear Stone Geo works with reputable drillers capable of sampling to any depth for the required material in question. Working with certified labs, Clear Stone Geo has the knowledge and expertise to sample properly for clean, undisturbed samples with proper transportation techniques for accurate and reliable results.  


Monitoring Well Installation/Inspection

Clear Stone Geo has the the knowledge and expertise to providing a drilling plan as well as drilling oversight to ensure monitoring wells are installed and constructed correctly to ensure proper and life long usage.

Clear Stone Geo also provides monitoring well inspection using a CCTV inspection system with an on display depth counter and WIFI imaging capabilities for real time viewing and recording. 


Phase I Site Evaluations

Our team of experts can provide a comprehensive phase I environmental site assessment for any developed location or planned development. An onsite investigation will be performed by a qualified registered geologist as well as a detailed geological and historical evaluation of the site. You can rest assured knowing you have all the relevant environmental and geological details for development or planned development.

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